Princess Jokceebe Hailed from Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. Happily married to Omobolaji Akolawole with kids. Princess is a former presenter of 'Baiye se nlo' on Roots Radio Love, Washington DC.

Also a  Former presenter of 'Iriri Aye and Aye Loja on TNI Radio, New York City and

She's presently a presenter of  Ayeloja,  E ku Atijo  Kasun Layo, on Jokceebe FM Radio ' Arikogbon'  and ' Agbo Ariya' on ABN TV,  Family Palava and Producer of Tanmo on Vinyard  television, Houston , Texas , U.S.A.
"Jokceebe FM Radio aims to entertain, inspire and enrich listeners through electronics mix of musical , culture, Educational programs and services. We act as a Forum for our people and issues that typically lack media access and promotes positive social change."
Omobolaji Akolawole (Husband) is a former staff of First Bank of Nigeria, Worked with 'NTA' Akure Oba-ile as A reporter. Also a Former  co-presenter of Ayeloja on TNI Radio New York.

Presently his  a Presenter of  'Ajoro','Ekiti Kete','Alejo Ayo' on Princess Jokceebe Radio and 'Arikogbon 'On ABN Television , Director of Tanmo,  Family palava on Vinyard Television both in Houston, Texas USA.          
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